Friday, March 1, 2013

Short Notes of India

Location of India...

India is located in south Asia and seventh largest country by geographical area. It is the second largest populated country with over 1.2 billion people. It has Indian Ocean to the south, Bay of Bengal to the south-east, Arabian sea to the south-west, Pakistan to it's west, China and Nepal to it's northeast. It is a democratic country and also a secular country with a wide range of religions. It is the home to different languages such as Hindi, English, Assamese, Bengali, Urdu, Malayalam, Gujrati, etc. And it has various cultures flooding it's heart and therefore worth deserving the titile INCREDIBLE INDIA!!!

Amazing India....

India is a secular counrty with numerous religions and thereby having a wide range of traditions and customs. Indian culture is a outcome of several cultures belonging to different places and of different lifestyles co-existing in one counntry. India is a counrty with three names- India, Bharat and Hindustan.People of India are known as Indians. In urdu language, the country is spoken as Hindustan and patriotic songs such as ' Sare Jahan Se Atcha' were composed. On the other hand, as per the national language of India which is Hindi.....India has been mentioned as Bharat and so as it is said..."Mera Bharat Mahan". Songs such as 'i love my India' got popularity interationally.

Celebrating the whole year!

Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi
In the 2nd most populated country where secularism is a important feature, it is of course expected that the country has celebrations throughout the year starting from New year, Republic day, Holi, Bihu, Diwali, christmas, Independance day, Dusshera, Durga puja, Eid, Buddha Purnima, Lakshmi puja, Kali puja, Janamastami, Shiv Ratri, Sarawati puja, etc to name a few and of my knowledge. There are thousands of more occassions being celebrated in different states. Within a state too there is a diversity of culture as people belong to different caste and creed. There are thousands of God and Goddess being worshipped in India as religious practice varies from one person to other. For instance, some offer prayers to Jesus Christ while some to Lord Buddha, again some pray to Feminine supreme and others to Masculine supreme, some are devotee of Maa while some are followers of Vaishanava, some offer prayers to nature and some still practice killing of animals to please the almighty, some pray to Allah and some don't believe in God. Thus, views vary and if you visit India you can see each of the practices and numerous traditions and cultures. Some people dance in skinny outfits and others packed up in jewels and traditional clothes. e.g. some dance western dances and some take price in one of the costliset fabric-'Muga'. Folk dances are different in every aspect in each state. Local pieces such as Junbiri Naga Shawl , sea-shells,etc are worn to represent themselves while dancing the folk dances and in special occassions.


The food habits vary throughout the nation.....while in the north we find Punjabi chole, lassi, alo paratha,Hariyani paneer tne south we find sambar, idli, dosa, etc. Again in the west we find dhokla and Rajasthani sweets,etc.....and to the east we find Bengali specail dal and machor jol, Assamese pitha and kahroli,etc. The country has unique items like jelepi, kharoli, khorisa, otenga, bhoot jolokia, etc. It has extremely spicy dishes along with super sweet desserts. The people start with chicken soups, mushroom soups to a mouth watering meal composed of it's unique creations and rice as a important part in majority of areas. People know to cook vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian items with perfection as advises flow in from people of different food habits living together as neighbours. People speak Hindi, English, Assamese, Bengali, Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil, Punjabi to name a few languages. It is truely a amazing country with so much variety and amzing structures such as Taj Mahal, Maharaja palace, Palace of Tipu Sultan, Victoria Memorial, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Kamakhya, Vaisnovi Devi temple, etc to mention a few. It once had uncountable gold and gems which were robbed by invading rulers from other counrties. It was invaded numerous times leaving it with little gems ana gold......but no one could rob it's culture, languages, traditions, customs, unique foods, folk dances and amazing practices. It is rich in natural objects, religion, variety and culture. It has amazing green cover which still makes the North-East heavenly.sadly. during the rule of some kings animals were prey to their arrow and selfish hunting skills. Some British rulers too caused a heavy damge to it's biodiversity in addition to the harm caused to the people with inbearable torture. Some social reformers and legendary heroes spoke up for the cause. Some brave people raised their voices and thereby making India what it is today! Thanks a ton to those real life heroes. I salute them for what they have done and to mention about them would be a different long story. so let me be focused on what i am speaking of.....and that is the incredible varity of celebrations and cultures. India is blessed with beautiful landscapes including hills,plateaus,plains,forests,beaches,deserts,rivers,waterfalls,caves,etc and amazing places of worship, historical statues and creations.

India for you...

if you are not an Indian and have never been to India, i request you not to miss the golden chance of visiting it. Because nowhere in the world can you find so many religions, so many cultures and traditions, so many customs and dances, so many creations and statues, so many different landscapes in one country! there are numerous tourist attractions and your trip will be worth it. You can eat a whole range of new food every day infact and taste different reciepes in different locations. you can enjoy performances that you can't expect to see anywhere else in the world, you can go to more than 10 places of worship in a day and see different beliefs in each, you can buy local things that are simply priceless and marvellous, you can visit wonder of the world - Taj mahal along with similar superb creations, you can do boating in kerela or climb the Everest, you can watch people playing with colours or with crackers, your eyes would refuse to shut when you see lights in the entire river or people dancing in the busy street in unusual dresses, you can take a ride on elephant,camel or horse, you can see national parks where theRhinocerous lives or stay in a luxurious 5-star hotel, you can shop at the mall or at remote village fair, etc. Thus, you can have a thrilling life time experience and nothing to regret. "I am proud to be an Indian and i welcome you to India".

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